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Welcome to my website, I have been building Redwood fences in the Orange County area and surround Areas for over 16 years. I will Haul & Dump your excisting fence, dig new holes and Set 4×4 Posts 2ft deep in concrete. Once your 4×4 Posts are securely set in concrete, I will begin to build your fence. I have 2 different styles you can choose from, Dog Eared style fence or the Cap & Trim style fence. Both styles are very popular, and I can also build you a horizontal fences that are becoming more popular in the front yards. No Job is to Small & No backyard is to Tough. Please give me a Call, Text, or Email and we can set up a free estimate.

My job is to educate you about the 2 different grades of redwood available, and how the Heart-Redwood (grade) has a higher amount of Tannic Acid. TannicAcid is an acid inside the Heart Redwood, that is resistant to termites, water, & dry rot. Please beware of the lower grade redwood, The Con-Common Redwood has a lot of Sapwood and its the Sapwood that is very soft wood that has NO Tannic Acid to defend itself from Rot or

There are over thirty different grades of redwood lumber including general purpose grades and specialized grades for a single use. There is a grade of redwood for almost any application suitable for wood. Redwood is graded by appearance and durability, with criteria defined by the Redwood Inspection Service.
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PENOFIN will extend your fence life.
Penofin is a Brazillian Rosewood Oil.The Oil Penatrates theWood and is a water sealer & blocks 99% UV (water sealer & blocks UV light). Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label gives longer life to wood of any species. Please take a look and if your looking for a great sealer that extends your fence life, I will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate.
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